The Vinyl Rescue Project LLC was founded by Danny Lindsey, a vinyl collector and music aficionado. Having always been interested in music, his dream was to one day open up his own record shop. After vinyl records started making a comeback recently, Danny decided to finally fulfill his dream and the Vinyl Rescue Project was born.

Danny has spent most of his time and energy into building his store and filling it with great music for others to enjoy, a task he refers to as a “labor of love.”

Danny’s investment into The Vinyl Rescue Project is his passion and a testament to the dedication he has toward music. He’s always believed that the best way to listen to music is on vinyl and wants everyone to experience music in the most excellent way.

The Vinyl Rescue Project is also pleased to assist you in cleaning and maintaining your record collection.

Danny offers his personal expertise to help clean your records and restore them to their former glory. Please Contact Us for more information on what we can help you with.